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A Passion for Excellence in Recruitment

With a strong history for innovation in the recruitment industry, Tanner Menzies is once again leading the way with a brand new approach to empowering talented recruiters.

Through our unique licensee model, we provide individuals with the opportunity to build their own business by joining a collaborative network of consultants, while enjoying the financial returns of being a business owner.

The Tanner Menzies name is synonymous with excellence in recruitment, and we have carved out a strong reputation across four decades of service to many of Australia’s most prominent businesses.

As a member of the Tanner Menzies family, you will have the full support of an established and respected brand, allowing you to concentrate on doing the work you love, rather than spending time, money and emotional energy on business development for a start-up.

Our licensees all have their own unique stories about how the Tanner Menzies Licensing Model has worked for them, with each story centred around the flexibility, the potential for financial returns, and the sense of empowerment that they have achieved as a result of taking the decision to become a business owner.

To read more about these stories, you can visit our Case Studies section, or continue reading below for more information on the resources made available to our network of licensees.

Case Studies

Our Service Offering


Our experienced team will provide you with day-to-day support, including ongoing mentoring from our Managing Director, and bi-annual business plan reviews with the Tanner Menzies leadership team. New business owners often have to learn lessons the hard way, and we are here for you to make sure you never feel out of your depth as you build your own name alongside ours.


Being successful in recruitment starts with a clear strategy, and as part of your licence induction, we give all new licensees the opportunity to spend a week with our Managing Director and the Tanner Menzies leadership team to develop a Strategic Plan that works for you. By identifying goals, objectives and strategies, we are passionate about working with you to create a plan that empowers you to succeed and achieve your business outcomes.


Operating under the Tanner Menzies brand allows our licensees to start their business with a strong name behind them, saving you the time and money of developing a reputation from the ground up. Using this name as a starting point, we work with each of our licensees to build their marketing strategy, grow social media channels and develop unique insights for their market using our established processes and brand toolkit.


We manage all payroll and invoicing, and provide individual monthly reporting to each licensee. We know that many individuals who dream of owning their own business find the financial components to be particularly daunting, and our licensees enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that experienced finance teams are looking after this side of their business for them.

Office Space

Through our partnership with Spaces, we are able to provide our licensees with a global network of flexible, modern office hubs that can be accessed according to your requirements. New business owners often lack the start-up capital to source their own office space, but may not always want to work from home. By utilising these flexible work environments you are able to take meetings with clients and candidates in a professional space, while also enjoying the collaborative nature of a shared workplace.


All licensees and associates have access to our operational and management training program, which we deliver in-house and in partnership with our external training partners. It is common to feel out of your depth as a new business owner, and we want to provide every resource possible to empower you to succeed, and through the delivery of these training programs we are providing you with the building blocks for success.


Every Tanner Menzies Licensee has access to integrated, state-of-the-art recruitment and HR technologies. We are able to provide ‘plug and play’ technologies as required by your business including CRM, ATS, and social media applications to help power your business, impress your clients and streamline processes.

If you have more questions about how the Tanner Menzies Licensing Model works, please visit our FAQ page.